Air Filters and Cabin Air Filters

Cabin Air Filter

Air Filters and Cabin Air Filters

Changing an air filter is a routine maintenance service that can make your car run better while offering a more comfortable driving experience. Our professional staff at Grant Miller Motors Ltd. in Vegreville, Alberta, can change your air filter quickly and efficiently. Visit our online Service Centre to learn more about this type of maintenance and any other services your vehicle might need.

Benefits of Changing Your Air Filters

When your car is running, it pulls in air from the outside. This air helps cool the engine, and some air is released into the vehicle's cabin through heating or air conditioning. Air filters trap any particles in the air. Cleaner air means better fuel efficiency, higher performance, and reduced operating costs. A clean air filter also ensures that the driver and passenger breathe clean, fresh air, as cabin air filters can often filter out up to 95% of all pollutants, including allergens such as mildew. This also makes the cabin smell fresher and increases the efficiency of the heating and air conditioning systems.

How Often Should I Replace My Car's Air Filters?

How often you replace your car's air filters depends on how often and in what conditions you drive. City driving, for example, can significantly shorten the life of your air filters. You can check your owner's manual for a schedule specific to your vehicle, but most car manufacturers suggest changing the filter every 12 months or 20,000 km. Go with whatever marker you hit first to ensure your air filters are in top condition.

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Contact us at Grant Miller Motors Ltd. today if you have any other questions about changing your car's air filters. Our Parts Centre is happy to walk you through the entire process. You can also schedule a service appointment online at your earliest convenience.

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