Winter Battery Maintenance in Vegreville, AB

With colder temperatures and shorter daylight hours, your car battery is the last thing you want to worry about this winter. As the number of cold days in Vegreville increases, battery maintenance becomes even more important. Use this quick guide to learn easy ways to prepare before it gets too chilly outside.

Check Your Battery for Signs of Damage

A damaged battery could leave you stranded. Inspecting your battery for physical signs of wear and tear can help reduce the odds that your battery will simply stop working one day. An experienced professional will quickly notice corrosion, frayed or broken cables, cracked cases, and water damage. Then, the professional will recommend any specific maintenance steps you need to take or a replacement for your battery.

Drive Frequently

One mistake many drivers make is staying at home most of the winter. While this can help give your vehicle a break and saves gas, keeping your car parked for too long can cause damage to the battery and other components. You need to drive at least 10 kilometres a few times each week for your alternator to replenish enough power to start your engine and keep the battery charged.

Park Inside as Much as Possible

Try your best to use parking garages or covered parking spaces at home and when you go out. This can help keep your vehicle protected from the elements. Moisture from snow or excessive cold can affect the chemical reactions within your battery, causing damage. If you are worried about cold exposure while parked at home, try investing in an engine battery heater.

Take Care of Your Vehicle This Winter

Sometimes, it is best to replace your battery before the winter. If your battery is old and needs a replacement, or you would like an experienced professional to inspect your battery, contact Grant Miller Motors Ltd. in Vegreville, AB. Our Service Centre can help you with all your vehicle maintenance needs. You can also explore our new and used inventory to find your next vehicle.

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