The Importance of Undercoating Your Vehicle

Canadian winters can be extremely harsh on our vehicles. From snow and slush to salt and ice, the underside of a vehicle is exposed to intense elements. At Grant Miller, we offer an undercoating service that helps protect your vehicle. Here are some of the benefits of getting your vehicle undercoated!

The Benefits of Vehicle Undercoating

Undercoating your vehicle protects all vital components from rust. Rust causes corrosion to the very essence of your car, which leads to many other issues. Many major systems, including the engine and transmission, can fail due to rust and corrosion. It also makes your vehicle prone to leaks and fuel waste. This type of damage can be costly and also affects your safety on the road. When you undercoat your car, you apply a protective layer to the undercarriage and defend these exposed vehicle parts against the harsh winter elements. Undercoating also extends the life and value of your vehicle by shielding your vehicle from rust that could potentially seep into the steel of the car and affect even the cables and metal wires. Surprisingly, undercoating and rustproofing can even reduce interior noise from road and wind, making for a more comfortable ride.

When to Get a Vehicle Undercoated

The best time to apply the undercoating is when the car is new. Ensure you apply it annually after that at a time when the vehicle is clean from debris or corrosion. Utilize the time before winter to get your car coated with this protective material.

Visit Our Service Centre

Rustproofing and undercoating work best when you have it professionally applied. Visit our expert Service technicians at our dealership in Vegreville, AB, and get this service performed today!

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