Winter Driving Tips

You can visit us at Grant Miller Motors to shop for a new vehicle that’s well-equipped for winter or get your current vehicle winter ready. Regardless of your automotive needs, our experts are more than ready to support your vehicle ownership with our comprehensive services and support. Be sure to contact us for more winter driving tips and book an appointment to winterize your vehicle.

Drive According To Conditions

Since the winter climate in Canada can change quickly, always drive according to conditions and plan to avoid getting caught in poor visibility or low traction conditions. However, if you are driving through challenging road conditions, consider slowing down and driving carefully to avoid an accident.

Install Winter Tires

Aside from altering your driving habits, you should always have winter tires installed on all four corners of your vehicle to maximize traction through an array of winter driving conditions. Not only will winter tires enhance your safety, but they will also help you get the best fuel economy on snowy roads.

Clean Your Vehicle Before Driving

One common mistake drivers make in winter is driving a vehicle covered by snow, making it a visibility hazard to the driver and a liability to everyone else on the road. Snow and ice can fall off your vehicle and cause others harm, or you can find yourself struggling to view motorists around you, which is very unsafe.

Replace Wiper Blades

Although you might have thought of everything your vehicle needs during winter, most forget or neglect to replace the windshield wiper blades. There are many benefits to getting new wiper blades during winter, such as having full visibility through the windshield. Also, it would be best to consider getting winter-specific wiper blades for the best wiping performance.

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